At the oval

A favourite place of ours to walk to and around is the soccer oval, home to Castelmaine Goldfields SC, located in the  Chewton Soldiers Memorial Park.
A lot of kangaroos hang out there overnight, and in the early morning, when they have headed off to their daytime hideouts, there is always a lot of new roo poo for Pumpkin to sniff and, if it is fresh enough, to roll in.

We often take the ball thrower there and have lots of fun with it until one of us tires, or the ball is lost.

We walk down Fryer’s Road to get to the oval along an avenue of trees whose early morning shadows always give me pleasure.


avenue shadows

Pumpkin between the shadows

Dancing grass outside the old shed at the oval.

Pumpkin hiding in the grass.

There’s an old shelter at the oval. According to the sign inside it is reserved for trainers only. By it’s architectural style and the duck-egg blue paint, I guessed it to be built in the 50s, but on closer inspection, the rough concrete footings revealed an inscription suggesting it was built in 1970.

shelter 11

It didn’t take long for vandals to leave their mark – one scratched inscription is dated 1974. The blue paint of another era has interacted with the metal surface over the years, adding a beauty than only age can bring. Spiders have made it their home.

shelter 8


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