Cross county walk

One of our favourite walks is to our friend Margot’s house in the Chewton Bushlands.

Pumpkin likes to take himself for a walk as far as the front gate when he lets me take the lead.

We avoid the main road as much as we can, so Pumpkin can run along at his own speed – or stop for all those delicious smells – off the lead.  But before we get off-road, we need to walk a couple of hundred metres along the Pyrennes Highway, past a neighbour’s place with a heatbreaking poem writ large on her fence, past the yard with the chooks, sheep and goat.

Meeting the neighbours. (Click to enlarge)

Then across the road and turn into Golden Point road for a bit, past the site of the Monster Meeting and into O’Halloran’s Road.

I love early morning walks, but avoid going out too early with Mr P. (one of his aliases, the others being Pumps or Pumps Daddy, and The Pumpkinator), as he is wont to chase kangaroos, and these wonderful animals with whom we share our town claim early morning and dusk as their own. But on the country walk, the track is so quiet that the kangaroos are never far away no matter what time of day it is.
Once P spots a kangaroo, he will chase it over hill and dale until either he loses sight of his quarry or he  responds to my long and loud calls.  However, lately he seems to be getting better at not chasing them and comes to my calls sooner than he used to.

Pumpkin comes at the run when I call him – mostly.
(Click on arrows icon to enlarge video & press Esc to return to page.)

Once on O”Hallorans Road, Pumpkin is finally let off the lead. And away he goes. The road is named after the O’Halloran family who have been living here for generations.  There is a new house now, but the old homestead is still here including the butchery which was the trade of the family in the old days.  The family still owns the property and this pleases me.

It’s not long before P finds one of his most favourite things: fresh roo poo! And one of his favourite things to do: rolling in fresh roo poo!

The O’Halloran place. (click to enlarge)

It’s a very quiet road with only a few other houses hidden in the bushes on a branching track.  Iv’e only ever seen one car on it in the time we’ve been walking here.
However, there is a brand spanking new Optus tower – arrived too late for me to benefit from it: I was forced to change providers as I had no reception at my house unless I went to certain parts of the garden.

I love this  countryside. For someone who grew up in suburbia, I have never felt more at home than in a small town in the country – whether in Australia or India.  But I particularly love this landscape with its surprising colours.  It’s midsummer, but there are still a few hardy wildflowers about.

Nearing our destination, Pumpkin races ahead to get to the dam before me for one of his favourite things (he has lots of favourite things) – fetching his ball in the dam. And then another of his favourite things: a visit with Margot’s son, Jeremy who is his best buddy on two legs.

A rest and a big drink of water for both of us, then home by the same route.

Home. And a rest. For some.


4 thoughts on “Cross county walk”

  1. I’ve just finished reading a delightful little book called “Dog Songs” by Mary Oliver, a Pulitzer Prize winning author.
    A mixture of short poems and stories this is a must read for anyone who has a dog. I’m sure both you and Pumpkin will enjoy it.
    (PS Say hello to friend Margo)

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