Vanity vs curiosity

We had a lovely thunderstorm last night – 9.5mm in the rain gauge. There are puddles and dampness everywhere and the morning is pepperminty fresh. We have taken the track through Angus Flat. What used to be a pine plantation until recently is now reduced to mulch which lines the track.  We favour this track over the main road – it’s really a bush walk a couple of hundred metres parallel to the highway.  There is evidence of old gardens here: apple and quince trees gone wild and grown huge drip with infant fruit.  Continue reading “Vanity vs curiosity”


At the oval

A favourite place of ours to walk to and around is the soccer oval, home to Castelmaine Goldfields SC, located in the  Chewton Soldiers Memorial Park.
A lot of kangaroos hang out there overnight, and in the early morning, when they have headed off to their daytime hideouts, there is always a lot of new roo poo for Pumpkin to sniff and, if it is fresh enough, to roll in. Continue reading “At the oval”