Vanity vs curiosity

We had a lovely thunderstorm last night – 9.5mm in the rain gauge. There are puddles and dampness everywhere and the morning is pepperminty fresh. We have taken the track through Angus Flat. What used to be a pine plantation until recently is now reduced to mulch which lines the track.  We favour this track over the main road – it’s really a bush walk a couple of hundred metres parallel to the highway.  There is evidence of old gardens here: apple and quince trees gone wild and grown huge drip with infant fruit.  Continue reading “Vanity vs curiosity”


Catching the wind

Woke this morning with the words from Donovan’s song, Catch the Wind going around in my head.  Pumpkin and I headed off for an early morning walk before breakfast.

The first thing to greet us was a high jet stream splitting the sky in two. It seemed like a gift. A cool, gentle breeze was blowing and all around, flowers, grasses and leaves were dancing. The sun was still low and the shadows were long, turning my friendly canine into a lurching wolf. Continue reading “Catching the wind”